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Batting Tunnel Frames

NBC Indoor-Outdoor Free-Standing Batting Tunnel Frames are made of heavy duty galvanized steel. Our unique cable system is included when ordering the free-standing metal frame and batting tunnel combination. Frames can be ordered separately or with the net. No welding required.


Net Dimensions

Frame Dimensions

12'H x 15'W x 50'L

12'H x 16'W x 54'L

12'H x 15'W x 60'L

12'H x 16'W x 64'L

12'H x 15'W x 70'L

12'H x 16'W x 74'L

12'H x 15'W x 80'L

12'H x 16'W x 84'L

Call for Quotes with shipping charges to your location.

NOTE: Free Standing Frames are 12' High by 16' Wide and 4' longer than net size. There are two support bars running the full length of the frame on the top and bottom, making this frame the only free standing model made in the United States. Batting Tunnel Nets may be purchases separately. 



NBC Outdoor Batting Tunnel Frames are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing. Supports can be installed permanently in the ground or made removable by inserting into a ground sleeve. When ordering the Batting Tunnel Net and Outdoor Batting Tunnel Frame at the same time, the cable system will cost $100.00. Ground sleeves are available for $25.00 each. Custom size frames are available for your present batting tunnel net. Call for quotes.



3  Support Frames



4  Support Frames



5  Support Frames



6  Support Frames


The length of net and twine determine the number of supports required to suspend your Batting Tunnel Net.
Batting Tunnel Nets sold separately.

GROUND SLEEVES are available at an additional cost and allow for the removal of the frame during off-season storage.